Cedar Falls Project Intro

Some Background and Inspiration I'm thrilled to finally get to introduce the thing that has been occupying lots of my time, and most of my brain! It's a new build in Ardmore, Oklahoma and it's a project that I have been happily playing around with for »

Hummus Recipe

My Favorite, Lemon-y Recipe My favorite hummus hails from a restaurant near my parents' house in Houston, and I love it because it's so bright and lemon heavy. It's really quite something. It's not as if there's something radically different about the recipe, but it just »

Life Update

Our Trip to Michigan and Some Random Inspiration I've been mysteriously absent from the blog for quite some time now, and I'm feeling pretty guilty about it. I know I really shouldn't feel guilty, because it was never supposed to be my number one priority in »

Color Crush: Dusty Blue

Subtle and Dreamy Hues Part of why I like to put these color posts together is because I like to see the different ways in which you can use a color, as well as the many relationships that particular hue can have with lots of different »

Stanford House Walk-in Closet

Our Bonus Room Transformation Many of the homes in our neighborhood are VERY old. Our house, for example, is 85ish years old. Back when these homes were built, people just didn't have as much stuff as they do now! They didn't need as much space or »