Intro to the Blog

Okay, full-disclosure. I have never considered myself a writer. In fact, it really embarrasses me when people read something that I have written. Whether it's good or not, I know my "process" which is basically just my clumsily stringing words together in a stream of consciousness sort of way, then deleting stuff until it sounds normal. Back in the hey-day of the blogisphere, most blogs were extremely simple. Lots of words, with very little formatting. I can appreciate that. But it's definitely not what I'm going to be aiming for on this particular website. I'm an intensely visual person and as a decorator, I am inspired by pictures 95% of the time. The other 5% consists of the descriptions for those pictures. I am telling you all of this because I want you to know my intentions. I intend for this blog to be inspiring. It's going to have a lot of pictures of homes you may want to emulate in the future. I want it to help you make your home feel like more than the sum of its parts. It's going to have tips and tricks for the house you already have. I want to teach you things, and I want to learn things from you. It's going to have a lot of questions, and spaces for commentary. I would love for it to be a place that you, the reader, look forward to visiting.

My name is Allison Dozier. I'm an interior decorator living in St. Louis, Missouri with my husband Teddy, our twin girls, Rebecca and Laurel and our weird goblin cat, Nefertiti aka Neffie.

This is from our wedding day, obviously. S'prolly my favorite picture of the two of us.

Look at those lil' stinkers. They're twins, but just barely look like sisters. One of them (Rebecca) has suuper straight blonde hair that literally refuses to stay in a bow or ponytail or clip. The other (Laurel) has curly red hair. No clue where it came from.

And there's Neffie, praying for some peace and quiet.

So, I am basically just gonna use this post to help you get to know me and figure out whether or not you want to stick around for the upcoming deluge of blogposts and unwarranted advice. I am hopeful that it will be less like a deluge and more of a source of daily encouragement. Starting...NOW.

Fact: no one has the perfect house. You are not alone in wanting things about your abode to be different. No matter what Pinterest or Instagram make you believe, there are not perfect people living in those perfect-looking homes. They are normal, messy people and their houses do not always look like that. Behind the camera is probably a bunch of junk that got tossed out of the shot just before the picture was taken. It may be true that our houses will never be officially perfect, but they can most likely make you happier than they do now. Not that your happiness should come from you stuff and your things, but you know what I mean. It can be such a drag to love cooking but hate your kitchen. You may come home from a long day on your feet and long for a luxurious sofa to sink into only to be disappointed by your tired out college furniture. Guess what? I can help you. For reals.
But do you want me to? Let me tell you about my style, because I said I would and I could talk about this for way too long. Here goes: I am drawn to bright white walls, earthy textures, comfortable proportions and well-crafted furniture. Your home should tell a story about you. It should say something about what you love, what brings you joy and who you are as person or as a family. It should be a collection of pieces that you have acquired over time from different places. Please don't buy sets of furniture from a big box store. Some of them are okay, but for the most part, they have no soul. They tell no story. I would almost always rather see an old, slightly tilting side table that your great grandfather made that your mom gave you as a wedding present. Or a sculpture you found for a few dollars at the flea market. Even if it's weird. Especially if it's weird! Your house should belong to you and you alone. Okay, well, it should obviously look good too. It should be cohesive and follow a reasonable color palette of your choosing. It can be whatever you want, but you should probably stick to it!

I'm gonna go ahead and include some pictures from Pinterest that I think encompass my style. That way, you can get inspired to follow along as the blog develops and as our projects are completed! I've linked the image sources down below.

Dining Room // Bedroom // Kitchen // Bathroom // Laundry Room // Outdoor Space // Entryway // Office Space // Living Room

Each of these pictures makes me want to experience life in these places. I want to take a nap in that bed, have brunch at that table and cook up a meal with my husband in that kitchen. They make me feel inspired. You should actually be able to feel that way about your own home. The place where you live should make you want to live a life that is remarkable! I want that for everyone. I believe great style is approachable, inspiring and soothing and it should be available to everyone. I am based in St. Louis, but I want to be able to help anyone anywhere achieve the look they want in their home so I offer both full in-person design services as well as online design, which is tailor-made to the needs of each particular client.

Feel free to ask me anything at all! I am truly here to help.