Thanksgiving Host Gift Ideas 2017

What to get the Hostess Who Already Has the Mostess

Sheesh, is it seriously November already?? You know what that means! Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Plus, everything that comes with it. Huge family get-togethers, mounds of food and plenty of squabbles and laughter.
Do you have the type of grandmother that I have? You know, the kind that never takes a break, never complains, and still manages to crank out the most massive and delicious Thanksgiving meal for every last relative you know? If your mom, or grandmother, or friend, or dad or whoever tends to work themselves to death around this time of year and deserves a little something-something for their efforts, check out this list. I've rounded up a few of my favorite host gifts that are practical, but thoughtful. I know that when I throw parties, I would love a little more appreciation than I usually get. Maybe I'm just grumpy from working so hard, but have people forgotten their manners?? Are hostess gifts an old-school concept? If so, let's bring it back. Any of these ideas are sure to tell that hardworking person that they have been seen and appreciated.

1 // A Set of Gorgeous Napkins

The best gifts are the ones that get used regularly!


2 // Fancy Schmancy Handsoap

Nothing says "Thank You" like delicious-smelling soap.

3 // A Cute Notepad

So they can write out any notes for next year's dinner!

4 // A Matchstriker

These are neat and actually work.


5 // Slippers

Every host needs to rest after a long day of being on their feet, cooking!

6 // A Cookbook

Every chef needs inspiration. And a great chef reads cookbooks in bed.

7 // A Throw Blanket

For that post-turkey nap.


8 // Homemade Candied Pecans

A tasty treat to share - or not share.


9 // A Bottle of Wine

The obvious choice. I like the Prisoner (a red blend) or En Route (a pinot noir).

10 // A Candle

A fresh smelling candle is ideal for a post-party soak in the tub!



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