Summer Wishlist 2018

Fun Little Treats to Beat the Heat!

This year, St. Louis had approximately one single week of spring and jumped straight into sweaty summer weather. I don't know about you, but that makes me suuuuuuper annoyed. Spring is my favorite, but I have to totally switch gears and suddenly get excited about the hottest days of the year. The things I love about the summer are swimming and evening get-togethers outside and.....that's about it! Haha. I'm not crying, you're crying. I'm thinking a little retail therapy will help me embrace the sweltering heat and maybe even look forward to the sun every day. As my friend, Jackie would say, #summerforever!!!!

1 // Mom Fit Bermuda Shorts - Zara

I'm a mom now, so obviously I need these. I've never felt very comfortable in short shorts, and these seem like a very happy medium.


2 // Ceramic Birdhouse - Target

In another life, I'm all alone except for my birds. I'm a bird lady and I love it.


3 // Marled Outdoor Rug - Terrain

For those warm, laughter-filled summer nights on the deck with friends!


4 // Well, Come on In Doormat - McGee & Co

If your front door needs a little love, a fresh doormat is always a welcome addition! (Get it?)


5 // Parisian Cotton Net Bag - Mur Lifestyle

To tote your goodies back home from the summer farmer's market.


6 // Jasmine Dress - Doen

When you're tired of showing your legs to everybody and their mom, but still want to feel the breeze.


7 // Gazelle Pot - Anthropologie

The perfect, happy home for your summertime succulents! They'll never be lonely because they'll live right by a friendly lil gazelle.


8 // Kohiki Round Tea Cup - Etsy Shop: TashagiShogo

I mostly just love ceramics, so this isn't exactly summer themed. I'm Allison and I'm addicted to handmade stuff.


9 // Denim Peplum Tank Top

I just bought this the other day and I want to wear it every day. It's super flattering, and doesn't have those weirdly low arm holes like so many tanks do these days.


10 // Watering Can - Mur Lifestyle

If you have window boxes like I do, you need to getchoself a petite watering can like this one. I don't love being near death every time I have to water, because I'm trying to lift a 100 pound watering can.


11 // Silk Floral Scarf - Cuyana

Nothing says "resort wear" like a gorgeous silk scarf just tossed around your neck or bag at the last second. Casual, but refined.


12 // Arya Pillow - McGee & Co.

Fresh cushions for a new season!


13 // Nathalie Sonnet Deep Blue Platters

For all those ears of corn you're probably grilling up, and all those summer salads.


14 // Tacos Cookbook - St. Frank

Tacos = summer = tacos.


15 // Indio Sunglasses - Madewell

Does anyone out there have sunnies that make it through an entire year? I'm apparently horrible at keeping track of sunglasses or preventing scratches. OH DARN MORE GLASSES.


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