Stanford Kitchen Demo and Moodboard

Getting Into the Fun Stuff

Before we officially signed the papers and bought our house, we knew we wanted to redo the kitchen. You may have seen the post I did about our home when we first bought it. Teddy and I both love to cook and bake, so the kitchen was the most important room to us. It needed quite a bit of work, but we were excited to get to start from scratch. The cabinets were this dark, cheapo wood and the uppers were attached to a soffit that made the whole room feel smaller and darker and more cramped. No thanks. The countertops were beigey-yellow laminate and the dishwasher needed to be replaced. We also really didn't like the tile on the backsplash and the floor. The house was built back in the 30's and the tiles were original and very thick. I was not a fan! The last thing we wanted to do was open up the doorway from the attached room (we use it as a breakfast room) to make the whole space feel a tad bigger and more free flowing.

Here are some photos of what the kitchen and breakfast room looked like when we first bought it. Im pretty sure I took them all with my phone, so... sorry about that!

And here are some lovely, scary pictures of the demolition!

As you can see, the old plaster was completely crumbling behind the tile. It was a bit of a nightmare.

I love seeing this picture from right after the soffit came down. The space suddenly felt MUCH bigger and I could see the potential much more clearly. We were not working with a lot of space to begin with, so we really want to maximize it as well as we could, visually and structurally. We also pulled back the wall between the kitchen and the breakfast room as much as we could, without expensive ductwork.

Again, I'm sorry about the poor quality of these pictures. Once demo started, everything was moving very quickly!

I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted the kitchen to look like. Here are some of the inspiration images we used:


1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Plus, here is a little sneak peek at our product picks. Are you able to see the potential?

Upper Cabinets // Lower Cabinets // Faucet // Sink // Knobs // Pulls // Floating Shelves // Library Sconce // Countertops // Subway Tile

There are more progress pictures to come, so stay tuned!