Stanford House - Before

Let's Get to Work!

Fairly recently, my husband Teddy and I bought our first house together. I was just barely pregnant, but I had some pretty severe nesting instincts. Obviously, I was a little limited in what I could do, due to my "condition" but I was eager to help in any way I could, which mostly involved designing and planning. The house was built in the 1930's and it needed some help, but the bones were good. Compared to similar old, tiny homes in the area, it has a reasonable layout, good-sized rooms and a nice flow. We decided to tackle the kitchen and main bathroom head-on and just paint everything else. I'm a huge fan of the clean slate that white paint and freshly refinished floors can provide. I'll be posting progress photos as we get things done, but here are a lot of before photos to get it started. I wish I had remembered to take better pictures before we got started, so sorry about the bad lighting but I was really antsy to get started!

-- Entryway --

-- Dining Room --

-- Living Room and Stairs --
(Plus my baby sister)

-- Breakfast Room --

-- Kitchen --

-- Sunroom --

-- Upstairs Hallway --

-- Bathroom --

-- Guest Room --

-- Nursery --

-- Master Bedroom --

-- Bonus Room --
(Future Walk-in Closet)

Stay tuned for progress pictures, details and sources!