Stanford House Bathroom Reveal

We've Got a Bathroom, Y'all!

When we first bought our house, we didn't really know how much we were going to update. When we got more familiar with the quirks of each room, we started to get a better idea of our priority areas. The kitchen and bathroom were the big ones. (You can see our kitchen here.) We were on a first-house, recently married, expecting twins budget so we knew we weren't going to move any plumbing around. We were definitely going the minimum-expense/maximum-results route. We just wanted to update the cabinets and fixtures and slap some paint all over everything. If you want to see more details, you can find all of the before photos of our house here and our bathroom progress here.

As a reminder, this next picture is what the bathroom looked like when we bought the house. It really wasn't terrible, but everything had been pretty cheaply done and it was really old. We came pretty close to living with it, and maybe reglazing the tub and tiles. It had been glazed over in the past and was already chipping again, so it looked kinda nasty. But when we got a bid for the whole glazing situation, we were definitely not sold. It was a lot of money for a result that we wouldn't even be crazy about. From there, we looked into new tile and a new tub, and whaddya know, it snowballed from there. Truthfully, I'm so glad we went for it, because it has really increased our enjoyment of this little house.


Check out that lovely archway. It was there all along, but somehow it feels a lot cleaner now, when all we did was remove the tile and repaint.


Trays are a great tool for making clutter look intentional. That little basket always has earrings and hairties and things in it; but it never bothers me, which is saying something.



Those knobs were just rolling around in a drawer at my mom's house and when she offered them to me, I flipped. They're so unique and beautiful. When you go all white in a bathroom, it's essential to have fun little touches scattered around to keep things interesting.







I bought that laundry basket for the my daughters' nursery but I stole it because that corner needed something warm.






tray from above


Here you can see our weirdly narrow little closet. It seems silly, but it's just the right size, so it doesn't bother me.


Hooks are way better than towel bars, right?? Unless towels are perfectly folded, which they rarely are, a towel bar can look kind of messy. The hooks are effortless and casual. My fave.

shampoo nook


Oh hey. That's me. That's also the closest thing to a selfie that you'll catch me taking.


This is also probably the best look at the octagon and dot floor tile that we chose. It's quite cheap and kind of cutesy but also versatile. I wanted to pick something that most people would enjoy because we probably won't be in this house forever. I'm enjoying it, and it looks great with the other tile we have in here. The warm grey grout looks amazing with it, as well.

curtain and towel

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