Stanford House Bathroom Progress

Design Plan Included

In my earlier post about our house, I showed a picture of our upstairs bathroom from when we first moved in. Now (unlucky lucky you!) I'm going to show you all the nasty demolition pictures, followed (later) by some much lovelier after photos. But for now, only the ugly stuff! sorry. The bathroom was okay. I could have lived with it for a while, but because we were updating the kitchen, we just decided to go for it. The cabinet was really cheap, and the tile had been glazed over at some point. It wasn't going to look good for much longer and we didn't want to just glaze over it again, so we decided to start from scratch. Subway tile is actually one of the more inexpensive options, so we'd be seriously upgrading the bathroom without spending that much more than it would cost to reglaze the whole thing (including the tub). We basically sledgehammered everything but the ceiling, and updated it all without moving any actual plumbing. The tile was approximately one million years old, and nearly impossible to remove. We started off by trying to delicately pop off each tile with a hammer and chisel, and now, looking back, I just laugh at that. It was NOT working. At all. So eventually, we just got out the sledge and destroyed it all. It ain't pretty, people. Not yet.




These two photos are really old photos that I got off of Zillow. Sawry.


The most stubborn, frustrating, ridiculous tile known to man.

Goodbye, wall.


Notice the tile stubbornly refusing to come away from the wall? Unless of course everything behind it can come too.


GROSS. It's exciting for me to see the process of removing everything old and preparing a blank slate for all of the new goodies. Now, onto the product picks and moodboard!

We used the same countertops in the bathroom as we did in the kitchen.
We chose this floor tile and this subway tile from Home Depot.
We also got a brand new tub from Kohler that is longer and deeper than the last one. It's no clawfoot tub, but it feels quite luxurious. We built in a little ledge above the tub for toiletries. There's also a recessed shelf in the wall, but our contractor forgot to cut the hole at the beginning (classic) and I was too busy trying not to die of morning sickness to be checking on those things constantly.


The cabinets we chose are pretty basic white shaker cabinets, and the brass cabinet knobs are vintage - a gift from my mama.


I can't wait for the final reveal!

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