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Online Design

The Process

1 // Questionnaire // The client will have an opportunity to share photos, details about their style, wishes and needs for the space to be updated, and budget. From there, we can determine the scope of the project and the design direction that would be the best fit. We will also be able to talk through the contract (also known as the Letter of Agreement) together. That way, we can be transparent with one another, and all questions can be answered and the client can know what to expect. Click here to fill out the questionnaire.

2 // Letter of Agreement // In this email, we will give a detailed explanation of the scope of the project, the mutually agreed upon design direction, the goals for the project and the anticipated timeline. The Letter of Agreement will also cover the design fee and a payment schedule. Both the timeline and the design fee are subject to change, based on a variety of possible problems or changes in the project. The terms and conditions will be included in this email. Once we receive the client’s approval and signature (and possibly the flat fee, depending on the nature of the project), we can officially launch the project and move on to the fun stuff!

3 // Conceptual Design Phase // During this initial design phase, the designer will get to know the clients' personalities, lifestyles and dreams for their home. We will talk at length via email or phone call and research certain looks and styles to get the design headed in the right direction.

4 // Design Presentation Email and Approval // The designer will email the client to present all renderings, moodboards, textile, material and furniture selections. If the client wishes to make any revisions, they must be requested at this time. If no revisions are requested, everything is finalized on this day and the formation of the shopping list will begin immediately afterwards.



5 // Optional Design Plan Revision // Any revisions that were requested at the previous meeting will be presented at this time. Everything is finalized on this day and the formation of the shopping list will begin immediately afterwards.

6 // Schematic Design Phase // This phase is much more abbreviated in Online Design projects because they do not include renovations. It will only include Field Verification (The client will walk through the spaces that will be updated and take thorough measurements and notes of obstacles, windows, ceiling height, etc.)

7 // Design Development Phase // The designer will get to work, drawing up a detailed design plan for the space. This phase includes two steps, including Floor Plan Development (During this phase, we will continue to hone in on final furniture layout, and select the FINAL layout before moving on) and Sourcing (Furniture, fixture, textile and accessory selection. The most fun part!).

8 // Shopping List and Moodboards Issued // We will draw up everything the client will need to implement the design in their home. The client will receive moodboards, floorplans, and shopping lists with plenty of detail and links to each item to be purchased by the client. In Online Design projects, the designer will not make any purchases on behalf of the client. This email will also include the final log sheet of the project and will be followed by the final invoice (the payment schedule will be detailed in the Letter of Agreement).



9 // Final Invoice Issued // The designer will issue the final invoice to the client and the remainder of the balance will be due at this time.

10 // Fix any Remaining Issues // Any errors or imperfections may be addressed within the 30 days following the issuance of the final invoice.

11 // Final Client Correspondence // During this email exchange, we will officially close out the project. We will make sure that the client is completely satisfied with the work and we will graciously ask for honest feedback and future referrals.

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The design fee for our Online Design services will be either hourly fees or a flat rate fee. These terms will be decided based on the scope of the project. Online Designs are non-refundable.