Stanford Kitchen Progress #2

The End is in Sight!!

That's right folks. So many things have happened to our kitchen since the last post and I'm excited to share it all. Remember what it looked like at the end of the last post?



Not pretty. Since, then, we've gotten new drywall/plaster/floors/cabinets/everything.


The cabinets are mostly in, and the new wood floors are down. The white cabinets up top and the darker cabinets on bottom are definitely a trend but I wholeheartedly believe that the appeal will last. They're just so darn beautiful!! The white uppers make the room feel bigger and brighter, and bounce the light all around. But with the lowers, you get to add a little color and if you have kids, you protect your white cabinets from vertically-challenged, grubby lil fingers! Win win! We found our cabinets on and loved the process. Working with them was an absolute breeze. You can work with a designer to figure out exactly what you need, including the exact sizes and side panels and moulding and other such minutia that are absolutely necessary to really pull the look together. They are delivered straight to your house, already assembled and ready to be installed by a professional. How simple is that??
Just look at them. The colors are lovely. We chose Alabaster for the upper cabinets, and Willow Gray for the base cabinets.

Next, we needed to pick our countertop materials. I love white marble. I drool over it whenever I see it in someone else's kitchen. Unfortunately, it is really impractical. It stains easily and you can't get acid on it (think lemon juice or vinegar). I'd rather not worry about that all the time. We had been looking around at a couple of warehouses, and decided to go with a Quartz countertop, but the best we had found did not look natural enough to me. Thankfully, they called me back a week or so later to tell me that they had just gotten a shipment of something called cashmere carrara quartz. We went and took a look and really liked it. Yay!!
The veining seemed so much more realistic, and the colors were a bit richer.



The countertops were installed very quickly once they had cut the slabs. I don't have great pictures of these, unfortunately. I was dealing with some ridiculous morning sickness. (later, we found out that we were expecting twins. No wonder!)



So, once the countertops were in, the tile guys were given the go ahead, and they got straight to work installing all of our bright and beautiful subway tile.



The dishwasher is new, from Bosch. It was my husband's big splurge and I'm not complaining. We were able to order a custom panel from that was installed by our contractor. (Bosch sends installation instructions for the panel.) This dishwasher has the third rack on top for silverware and spatulas and things, and it has really come in handy for the thousands of bottle nipples that we go through in a day. We really love this dishwasher.


Once all of the tile is done, the electrical can be finished, the doors can be aligned and the handles can be installed. I love the details part!! Everything comes together so quickly at the end. It's almost done!! Yay! I cannot wait to get in here and cook up a storm. Check back soon!

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