Kim Whiteside

Interview With an Artist #2

I am really excited to introduce this month's artist to you all. She's one of the most genuine and naturally beautiful ladies I've ever met. And on top of that, her experimentation with color is really exciting. She's got some serious skills, guys. Fun fact that she doesn't know: I was in the same art class that she was in, but just a few years later. I had just been introduced to Sufjan Stevens and found a CD that Kim had burned of Sufjan's "Come on, Feel the Illinoise." No one else really wanted to listen to it, but I really like it and stole it (with permission), listened to it about 1500 times and still have it somewhere. So thanks a lot, Kim, for almost singlehandedly getting me addicted to Sufjan and not knowing about it. Since high school, she has gone on to become a really skillful and inspiring abstract artist. I follow her on Instagram and it is really interesting to see all of the detail shots of her paintings. The color combos and brush-stroke patterns are endlessly diverse and unique and every photo reminds me of how fun it is to see what a truly creative mind can come up with.

AD: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

KW: I am an abstract artist based in Austin, Texas! My work explores color and texture and how these two elements communicate together on the canvas.


Have you always wanted to make art? When did this journey begin?

I've never been the kind of person that was super good at a lot things, even in middle/ elementary art classes, I never felt like I really excelled or like this was my passion or calling. It wasn’t until high school when I was a Sophomore when I was really captivated by a sculpture project in a low level art class. My teacher encouraged me to come after school and spend as much time as I wanted finishing my project. From there, she encouraged me to keep exploring art and it is really her mentorship and encouragement that fostered my confidence to keep pursing the art making process throughout high school and into college.


What type of art do you most identify with?

I appreciate all genres of art. I love learning about the old school stuff and understanding the context and history behind the artist's work. But the work that makes me totally lose myself would be abstract expressionist, like Rothko and Helen Frankenthaler. I am currently really into a handful of abstract colorists, like Yago Hortal and Mallory Page. I am looking to their work and methods a ton recently and how their hand applies color to the canvas.


What themes do you pursue?

I don’t so much pursue themes. I start with colors I’m drawn to and work with it and stretch it until I move to the next color or color combinations. It's like I’ll get a color stuck in my head and all I can think about is exploring that color and what it's capable of, what it would look like in different shapes or brushed next to another color. I’ll work and rework with that color until I am drawn to the next.


Ideally, how do you want people to respond to your work?

I spend a lot of time thinking about how my work will contribute to a space. My hope is that people will find themselves in my work. If they need rest or wild inspiration, I believe art helps people make sense of themselves. Putting artwork in your line of fire where you see it everyday acts as a mirror, reminding you of who you are and what you’re about.


What's the best piece of advice you've been given?

Do what you gotta do to protect that good thing you've got!


Name something you couldn't live without.

Hummus constantly in the fridge and some good chapstick!


Do you have anything new and fun that you're going to be working on?

Of course! This next season will be spend exploring the depth of tone. I’ll be exploring more monochromatic color stories and how deep I can take color through organic shapes and strokes.


Thank you, Kim, for contributing! You are really amazing and I can't wait to see what colors you are working with next. You can find Kim's website here at and her vibrant and fun Instagram here.

Stay tuned for the next artist spotlight! Also, if you'd like a chance to be featured, email me a link to your website at, and I'll check you out. Thanks for reading!