Allison Dozier Interiors

Full-Service Interior Design

We offer a start to finish, turnkey design service in which you get a tailored experience at every stage of the process. We work with you directly to make finish, paint, furniture and accessory selections to accomplish the look you want in your home. We oversee the project, manage the jobsite and implement the design to create a home with soul that is ready to live in. It truly is possible for your home to be comfortable, cohesive and beautiful! Just let us handle it.

The Design Process

1 // Consultation with the Designer // This meeting will take place in your home. We will have a chance to get to know one another and take a thorough tour of the house, and talk about priority areas. From there, we can determine the scope of the project and the design direction that would be the best fit. We will also be able to discuss the budget and read through the contract (also known as the Letter of Agreement) together. That way, we can be transparent with one another, and all questions can be answered in person and you can know what to expect.

2 // Letter of Agreement // In this email, we will give a detailed explanation of the scope of the project, the mutually agreed upon design direction, the goals for the project and the anticipated timeline. The Letter of Agreement will also cover the design fee and a payment schedule. Both the timeline and the design fee are subject to change, based on a variety of possible problems or changes in the project. The terms and conditions will be included in this email. Once we receive your approval, we can officially launch the project and move on to the fun stuff!

3 // Conceptual Design Phase // During this initial design phase, the designer will get to know your personalities, lifestyles and dreams for your home. We will talk at length and research certain looks and styles to get the design headed in the right direction.

4 // Design Presentation and Approval // The designer will meet with you in your home to present all renderings, moodboards, samples, swatches and furniture selections. If you wish to make any revisions, they must be requested at this time. Upon acceptance, we must receive the majority of the furniture budget.

5 // Optional Revision Meeting // Any revisions that were requested at the previous meeting will be presented at this time. Everything is finalized on this day and the purchasing will begin immediately afterwards. Upon acceptance, we must receive the majority of the furniture budget.

6 // Schematic Design Phase // This phase includes many things which may depend on the scope of the project, such as:
Programming : (The designer will talk with you about how you will use your home. Wishlist, lifestyle, # of Beds and Baths, etc.)
Field Verification : (The designer will walk through the spaces that will be updated and take thorough measurements and notes)
Adjacency Matrix : (Take note of desirable relationships between rooms)
Bubble Diagrams : (Very loose layout design)

7 // Design Development Phase // The designer will get to work, drawing up a detailed design plan for the space. This phase includes many steps, including:
Floor Plan Development : (During this phase, we will continue to hone in on final layout, and select the FINAL layout before moving on)
Material Selections : (We will make a diagram called a finish schedule so the contractors will know what finishes go where. At this time, paint colors, tile, etc. will be selected for floors, ceilings and walls)
Drawings : (Renderings, sections, elevations and details)
Reflected Ceiling Plans : (Light fixture placement)
Electrical Plans : (Electrical map of the house)
Finalization of Technical Drawings
Sourcing : (Furniture, fixture, textile and accessory selection. The most fun part!).

8 // Construction Phase Begins // This phase includes boring, but crucial steps such as:
Getting Permits from the City : (We submit the complete drawing packet to the city for approval)
Bids from Contractors : (We send all of our technical drawings from the schematic design phase out to contractors to bid)

9 // Trade Day // On this day, all approved trades (painters, carpenters, etc.) will meet with the designer onsite to discuss scope and to take measurements and photos. All subcontractors will then write up estimates for the project, which will be presented to the client at our next meeting.

10 // Orders // We officially start making purchases for the project, tracking each item as it ships. We will also be monitoring the contractors’ progress, making sure everything is moving smoothly and making changes as necessary.

11 // Begin Renovations // Based on the scope of the project, this phase may be construction and gigantic messes, or it may just be painting. Either way, we will be making regular site visits to make sure the job site is tidy, and the contractors are doing the work and doing it well.

12 // Orders Received // As boxes come in, we will tag each one and store it until the official install day. That way, nothing disappears and we can keep everything in the same place. Window treatments may be installed now as well. The remainder of the balance will be due at this time.

13 // Cleaning Crew // Everything is made spotless prior to the delivery of rugs, furniture and accessories.

14 // Install Day(s) // Our team will install and style out every last piece, paying attention to every detail. At the end of the final day, it should look pristine and ready for the big reveal.

15 // Walkthrough // We walk through every aspect of the project, making sure that each detail is satisfactory and exceeds expectations. Detailed notes will be made of anything that needs to be addressed.

16 // Fix any Remaining Issues // Any errors or imperfections may be addressed within the 14 days following the walkthrough.

17 // Final Client Meeting // During this meeting, we will officially close out the project. We will make sure that you are completely satisfied with the work, final invoices for the cleaning or delivery crew will be given to you, and we will graciously ask for honest feedback and future referrals.

18 // Photoshoot // After our final meeting, we will have a professional photographer come out to your home to document the entire project for our records. We will not publish the photos without your permission, of course. We will also be sure to share these photos with you.

Any questions before you decide? Ask us anything