Experimenting with Paint

Get Inspired and Add a Little Fun to Your Space

I see examples of interesting houses all over the internet. Pinterest is basically every magazine clipping rolled into one constant source of inspiration. I will find a single image of unknown origin and think about it constantly. Obviously, a lot of the appeal has to do with the structure of a building, or even the landscape outside. Then, there are simpler things that can be too much of a commitment, like really bold wallpaper or tile. Paint is wonderful because not only is it easy to change if you don't like it, but it's inexpensive and fully capable of creating a major impact. I'm tellin' you, people out there in the world are so creative. They see a blank wall and imagine something more. There are many times that I've wanted to do something like this in my own home, and I think there are ways to be experimental and interesting without regretting it. Most of these are pretty easy on the eyes. There are obviously more dramatic options out there, but for the sake of authenticity, I only included examples that I would enjoy in a home of my own.













How about it? Would you try any of these in your own home?

Photo Sources: Rose Colored Door // Kitchen // Terracotta // Stripe // Black and White // Dusty Blue Trim // Gray Trim // Mudroom Wall // Bright Blue Trim // Textured Green // Sage Stairs // Charcoal Stairs