Dallas E-Decor Project

Blue and White Transitional Living Room

I'm so so sooooo excited to finally show you guys this E-Decor project that I've been working on for the last few months! I love working on these Online Decor projects. It's really fun that I can stay home with my lil girlies and still get to work on fun spaces such as this one! In fact, I'll probably do an E-Decor giveaway or something VERY SOON. So keep your eyes on my Instagram for that announcement so you can have a shot at free design services!! More info soon.

For this project, we wanted to complete an already partially furnished living room with accessories and a small office nook. The client intends to recover an armchair and ottoman to complement the decor. We ended up landing on this lovely fabric from Fermoie. The sectional she already has is a basic cream color, so it was super easy to work with. She's got a great eye and a really hectic work life (currently, at least) so she wanted a little help to bring in some fresh pillows and things to make her new apartment feel more curated and complete. As we always do for E-Decor projects, we sourced everything online so it would be easy for the client to buy each piece on her own schedule and without any further assistance. There's a lot more info about online design on my services page, so be sure to check that out if you're interested. She received a detailed shopping list with photos, links, measurements, etc. and is now free to implement the design plan at her leisure. Whaddya think?? I love how fresh and timeless it feels. It seems clean and comfortable and grown-up and I hope it's the perfect sanctuary after a long day of work.

Design by Allison Dozier Interiors

Stay tuned!

One of the next blogposts will be all about our E-Decor services and the upcoming giveaway!! That's right folks. FREE DESIGN SERVICES. Tell your friends and follow along on Instagram for announcements and updates.