Annie's Nursery Reveal

A Traditional Baby Boy Room

I'm super duper excited to introduce this next project to you! Apparently there's something in the water because everyone is havin' babies and everyone needs a nursery done.

Annie is a pediatrician living in Houston with her neurosurgeon husband - no big deal. I've actually known Annie for a really long time because her little sister is my Best Buddy foreverandeverandever. So she's basically like an older sister to me. It seems that when you grow up, though, that your friends' sisters just become your friends too! That's pretty neat. Also, I text her with random questions about my babies, like "Rebecca's hair all fell out, is that normal?" and "Laurel fell down the stairs, do I need to turn myself into the authorities?" etc.

They live in Houston (and I live in St. Louis) so the help I provided was much more similar to an E-Decor experience than a full service one. In fact, when I was attempting to write a "before" post, I found that this super-helpful diagram was the only picture that I was working off of:


I am such a professional sometimes. Later, I actually cut out pieces of paper - to scale - of each piece of furniture and moved them all around to see how everything could fit in the room. They have programs for this, Allison, you dweeb.

I had walked through the space with Annie beforehand, and she already knew what she wanted for the most part, and I was just gonna assist her as needed. We were working with a great blank space, because the walls were a cool gray that we both liked and the carpet was nice and squishy for crawling babies. So basically, all we needed was furniture. She is a big Restoration Hardware fan, and I have to say that their nurseries really are so calm and sweet. I pulled a lot of inspiration for her nursery on Pinterest, like I always do, and we pared it down from there. She knew she was expecting a boy, and wanted to go the classic baby blue route. She also already had that beautiful blue bassinet that her hubs had slept in. So, in classic RH fashion, we stuck to a limited and mostly neutral color palette full of cream, white, gray and beige with baby blue sprinkled around. You really can't go wrong when you stick to a color palette.

Okay, onto the reveal!


I love nurseries that have a bed. I mean, I much prefer my own bed but for those newborn nights, when you're never really off the clock, it's nice to pass out as soon as humanly possible.









I love these felt animal heads. Plus, mamas don't have to be paranoid about the above-crib art falling off the wall and squishing their babies.







That bassinet corner is so perfect.




The most photogenic diaper pail around.




Annie's mother-in-law updated that dresser for them with chalk paint, which is a super handy skill to have.


And finally, the sweetest, storied detail in the whole nursery: Dad's first baseball glove.


Sources: Crib // Mobile // Bassinett - similar // Rug // Dresser - similar // Glider and Ottoman // Stacking Animals // Lion and Elephant // Animal Alphabet Art // Framed Animal Drawings // Diaper Pail // Triangle Blanket // Animal Heads