Allison Dozier Interiors

About Us

Allison Dozier Interiors is an Interior Design company based in historic St. Louis, Missouri. Our style is an earthy, textural mixture of antique furniture, modern pieces and interesting materials and our aim is to create a harmonious balance of comfortable and beautiful in every home. As a mother of twins, Allison understands that a well-decorated house does not have to be synonymous with an impractical and soulless showroom. Rather, a home should reflect the people living in it - their interests, their loves and their own personal aesthetic.

Even our wonderful city has a vibrant social scene with delicious food, an abundance of green space and an unparalleled sense of community. While it is firmly rooted in it's history, St. Louis is rapidly embracing the art, food and culture of the modern world. As a design firm, we would love to be a part of this movement. We want to introduce current styles into this culturally-rich city, again achieving a perfect balance of new and old, fresh and timeless. Let's get to work!

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